Sonic Drilling

PDS offers sonic drilling capabilities with several different rigs. We have a Terrasonic Model TSi 150CC that operates out of our Pinellas Park Corporate branch, a Geoprobe® 8150LS that operates out of our Bonifay branch and a Geoprobe® 8140LS operating out of our Lakeland branch. All rigs are fully supported with an equipment trailer, skid steer/loader, flatbed truck and box truck. The geographic location of these rigs help us to service the entire state of Florida and parts of surrounding states. PDS has extensive sonic drilling experience at PFAS sites including local government properties, military bases, manufacturing and training facilities. Scopes of work and protocols can be provided upon request.

Need to decide if Sonic drilling is the right solution for your current project?

Below are some of the key advantages it offers versus other methods:

-Quicker job completion: Sonic can reduce onsite time by 50% or more pending lithology and well depths. The deeper the wells and harder the subsurface the more time is saved with sonic.

-No more refusal: A Sonic Drill rig can be used in most formations, including rock, hard layers/limestone, and heaving sands without refusal.  It also creates boreholes correctly on the first pass saving time over the long term.

-Continuous Cores: Sonic Drilling can create nearly continuous intact in-situ core samples.

-Ideal Sampling Wells: The Sonic Drilling process creates a fully cased bore in which the well can be installed without the fear of damage that could be caused by borehole cave-in or collapse. The well materials are installed inside the casing, then extracted gently using vibration. This vibration prevents bridging of the sand pack and ensures that the sand pack is spread evenly around the screen.

-Less Waste to dispose of: IDW can be reduced by as much as 50% or more pending site conditions when compared to conventional drilling methods. This can be a significant reduction in disposal costs.

-Safety Benefits: There are no flights on the augers, limiting workers exposure to the machinery during drilling. Soil samples are contained inside the core barrel and sealed PVC sleeve which minimizes potential exposure to hazardous substances.

-Greater Flexibility: Sonic Drilling provides superior versatility for many applications. It can be used for angle or multi-cased wells without leaving the casing in the ground.  Sonic Drilling can easily be adapted for rock drilling with the use of the sonic percussive method or a down-the-hole hammer.

Sonic Drilling

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