Conventional / Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

PDS currently owns & operates two conventional rigs providing hollow stem auger and mud rotary drilling. We have a CME75 housed in our Roberta, GA branch that services Georgia and portions of surrounding states. Our Pinellas Park branch operates a Diedrich D120 rig and provides service throughout Florida. These rigs offer a unique combination of high torque drilling applications with a relatively small footprint. Efficient mid size rigs are perfect for use at service stations and commercial facilities. In addition to our truck mounted conventional rigs, PDS owns two Geoprobe® 8040s and a Geoprobe® 3230 rig. All three of these machines have a similar capability to auger rigs plus DPT capability. All drill rigs are equipped with a full compliment of hollow stem augers and all support equipment tools to allow for an efficient completion of the specific project.