EQUIPMENT: We are proud to operate one of the newest fleets of drill rigs, probes and support equipment in the state of Florida


All drill rigs are equipped with a full compliment of hollow stem augers and all support equipment tools to allow for an efficient completion of the specific project. Drilling equipment is diligently maintained on both a routine maintenance and above-standard preventative maintenance schedule.

(3) Diedrich D-50 Turbo Plus High Torque Drill Rigs with powerful John Deere 115 HP turbo plus engines.

  • (2) 2006 Models
  • (1) 2005 Model

All rigs are capable of Hollow Stem Auger or Mud Rotary Drilling.
Efficient mid size rigs are perfect for use at service stations and commercial facilities.
These rigs offer a unique combination of high torque drilling applications with a relatively small footprint.


All probing equipment is fully stocked with Geoprobe rods, tools and all associated sampling equipment. All machines are also tooled with hollow stem augers and support equipment to install 2” wells via auger attachment.

(1) Geoprobe 8040DT Track Mounted Machine with auger attachment - Spec Sheet
(5) Geoprobe DT 7822 Track Mounted Machines with auger attachments
(1) Geoprobe 7800 Truck Mounted Machine with auger attachments
(1) Geoprobe DT 7720 Track Mounted Machine with auger attachment
(1) Geoprobe DT66 Track Mounted Machine with auger attachment
(1) 2012 Geoprobe 54LT Track Mounted Machine (Limited Access Rig)

Rig Capabilities include:

  • Track mounted for access to a variety of site conditions
  • Double-cased wells via 6” override casing or 6” PVC Casing with Geoprobe 8040DT
  • 1” - 2” prepacked microwells via probe rods without cuttings
  • 2-inch wells via auger attachment
  • Soil Borings / GW Sampling to depths in excess of 100’

The 7822DT is capable of deeper sampling and augering while maintaining a small footprint.

The Geoprobe 54LT is designed to work within very limited access areas.


We carry a variety of support equipment to meet all of our customers needs

(1) VacStar Diesel Powered Vac Mounted on Isuzu Flatbed
(1) Pacific Tech Diesel Powered Vac Mounted on F650 Truck
(10) Box Trucks with lift gates
(12) 1 Ton Support Trucks
(6) Jack hammers/Generators
(7) Flatbed trailers
(1) 6’ x 12’ Enclosed Trailer
(2) 7’ x 14’ Dump Trailers
(8) High pressure steam cleaners

Vermeer VSK 100 Vac—2 in fleetFreightliner Support Truck