SERVICES: We have the ability to complete projects with a consulting firm from the initial assessment phase through the remediation phase of the project. Our staff has in excess of 140 combined years of experience in the drilling business and strives to find cost effective solutions to our clients drilling related challenges

Conventional Drilling

Hollow stem auger and Mud Rotary drilling available

Our environmental drilling services include the following:

  • Monitoring well installation
  • Air Sparging wells / Vapor Extraction wells
  • Dual Phase Extraction Wells
  • Recovery wells
  • Compliance Wells
  • Soil borings and sampling
  • Well abandonment and repairs
  • Remediation Injection Point Wells



Available for limited access and low overhead clearance projects

For versatility all of our direct push machines have hollow stem auger capabilities and are track mounted.

Our environmental direct push services include the following:

  • Continuous and discrete interval soil and groundwater sampling
  • Installation of 1” to 2” Micro Wells
  • Installation of 2” and 4” wells via hollow stem auger attachment
  • Installation of double cased wells with Geoprobe 8040DT
  • Bio Remediation Injection points
  • Air Sparging Points / Soil Vapor Extraction Points



We offer several services through our remediation department including:

  • Air Sparge / Vapor Extraction Systems
  • Dual Phase Systems
  • System Operation, Modifications, Maintenance and Repairs
  • System Decommissioning
  • Soil Excavations

Digging an HVE well in place for a pilot testCompleted remediation system with oxidizer

Excavation of contaminated soilGeofabric in place and backfill with gravel


  • Safe and reliable borehole utility clearance
  • Truck mounted vac units for mobility onsite
  • Hydro vac water jetting for compacted soils; which is less likely to breach utilities than an “air-knife”
  • Proven to be one of the safest and most effective means of borehole utility clearance.